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Marcia Soligo is an author, journalist, and photographer. 

She grew up avidly reading fairy tales and watching The NeverEnding Story movies. Creating worlds and stories was an important part of her childhood that led to an interest in fantasy literature and myth, which she has continued studying until today. 

Her first novel, The Portals of Tartae: The Land with the Two Moons, released in 2019, sold thousands of copies worldwide and achieved the best seller status on Epic Fantasy on Amazon Brazil.

As a photographer, her career started in 2014 shortly after finishing her studies on the subject, assisting in commercial photography. Later on, she worked as a wedding and family portrait photographer, and her fine art works reside in private collections. After everything that happened in 2020, she decided to release limited edition series that bring nature’s light into people’s homes. 


Marcia has a naturally educated eye, an appreciation for aesthetics that bleeds into everything she works on, from curating words for stories, worldbuilding, to capturing moments using her camera.

Marcia Soligo was born in Brazil, majored in Communications and Journalism, has a post-graduate degree in Marketing, and currently lives in Southern California with her family.




I’m deeply inspired by nature, beauty, and magic.


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