“The forest was suffering. Something had hurt Tartae deeply.”


One year has passed since the Portals of Tartae were destroyed in the Battle of the Dark Forest, and Olivia Halin is back to her tranquil life in Leve. Until the magic of Tartae meets her again.


After an unexpected attack, Olivia discovers that the Portals are being used once more and that she has failed her mission. With the Portal Keys now destroyed, she and Trevor find a new way back to Tartae, where they encounter a world much changed and have to deal with the aftermath of their actions: the Clan that guarded the Portals is dismantled, the Council of Tartae is against them, and, to make matters worse, a dangerous spell has fallen over Tartae and its inhabitants. The once-lively place now seems to be asleep: the forests, the animals, the people… its magic.


Edmund Lars is now stronger than ever. The terrible wizard has gathered followers all around Tartae, gaining ground with those who believed they had been forgotten or that the Clan was too unjust. They called for a leader; Lars answered.


Now, there’s more to discover about the Portals of Tartae, and Olivia and her companions are set for an epic quest to save all the worlds once and for all.


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The Portals of Tartae: The Language of Trees

    • Paperback
    • All copies are signed by the author